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  • Place a parlay bet on 3 events or more, and unlock a bonus on your winnings.
  • The larger the number of outcomes you include, the more substantial the bonus!
  • If your bet turns out to be successful, we will credit your bonus after the conclusion of all matches.
  • Enjoy a maximum bonus of 100%, with a minimum outcome odd of 1.3, and a minimum of 3 outcomes required in the parlay.
  • This exclusive offer is available to all Parimatch customers participating in bets on the website.
  • The “Bonus for Parlay” is applicable to bets featuring a minimum of 3 events, with each event having odds higher than the specified minimum odds outlined in the offer rules.
  • The minimum bonus multiplier in the “Bonus for Parlay” offer is 1.03, adding 3% to your winnings.
  • The maximum odds, inclusive of the “Bonus for Parlay,” are capped at 2000.
  • Participants can include a maximum of 20 events in the parlay, all of which must meet the conditions of the offer to qualify for the bonus.

Brand Description

Parimatch is a licensed and well-established betting platform with an impeccable reputation. Our online casino, catering to real money gaming in India, was introduced 27 years ago and boasts millions of users from around the world! Additionally, we offer a mobile app for convenient betting on the go.