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  • Select a minimum of 5 options and enjoy a Multi Boost added to your betslip.
  • The Multi Boost applies to any sport or league.
  • The more selections you make, the greater the boost on your odds.
Multi Boost Breakdown
2-4Regular Price Boost
5+10% Multi Boost
6-10+2% extra Multi Boost for each selection
11-14+5% extra Multi Boost for each selection
15-20+10% extra Multi Boost for each selection
  • Sportsbet.io retains the right to cancel or limit Multi Boost for individual users at our discretion.
  • To activate Multi Boost, a minimum of 5 selections in the betslip is required, with each selection having minimum odds of 1.50. The maximum stake fully applied to Multi Bet Multiplier is 130 mBTC or equivalent in any other currency.
  • Note that the maximum stake amount may fluctuate in FIAT currencies based on the Bitcoin price.
  • If your stake exceeds 130 mBTC, the Multi Bet Multiplier applies only to the first 130 mBTC.
  • It’s important to note that Multi Boost is not available for cash out.
  • If cash out is utilized on a Multi Bet Multiplier, the bet will revert to the original price.